Custom Made Design

I aim at creating outstanding outfits by combining your dreams and my skills.

The Process
The process of making something unique requires hundreds of different steps.

You provide me with inspiration and I design and sketch. We can meet at my office in Copenhagen, I can come to you, or you can send me your measurements. You will be a part of the process, and I will ensure the absolute best result for you, by finding solutions through experiments and by fitting samples on you.

The Designer
I have a design education and several years of experience with custom designs for both men and women.

I am excellent at sewing and making clothes in alternative fabrics such as latex. I have experience with laser cutting, molding, painting, drawing etc. I am very good at pattern making, and able to find lines in the clothes that fits your needs: strong and bold, or maybe delicate and feminine.

The Price
I will calculate a price when I have made a sketch for you. Please let me know your budget, and I will take this into consideration.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have an idea or any questions. I am available on either e-mail or phone.