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The process of making something unique requires hundreds of different steps.

Inspired by you – your personality, dreams and taste, I will design and sketch until you are happy with the result. I will find the best solutions for you through experiments and fittings. We can meet so I can take your measurements, go over the fabrics and the final decisions.


I aim at creating outstanding outfits by combining your dreams and my aesthetics and skills.
Since I took my bachelor’s degree in design, several years ago, I have created custom designs for both men and women. I am always curious and love challenges, learning new skills and playing with alternative ways of doing things. I have made fine flower paintings on latex, laser-cut laces and molded the body with the help of pattern making.
It is my experience that you can learn much from the people you work closely with. The different skill set, tastes, and opinions of a co-worker is a great inspiration. This is why I keep production in-house and hire the best tailors and artisans to help with the making of your design.
I would love to hear from you if you have an idea or any questions.


Nicoline Hansen Working on custom made projects