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Nicoline Hansen Bridal dress made from hand-painted latex on organza

I am driven by the artistic, beautiful, and provocative. My approach is a search for the sublime design, consisting of raw elements contrasted by aesthetics and elegance. Latex contains these elements, and at the same time, it has so much more potential than what we generally use it for. It inspires me to challenge normal methods and create avant-garde designs. My work aligns with a strong Danish design tradition that challenges normativity in the fashion industry and focuses on aesthetics, quality, and durability.

The sustainable aspect is one of the key reasons why I have dedicated myself to work with latex. Latex is vegan, biodegradable, and created from plant milk under ethical conditions. It is a great alternative to leather and conventional leather alternatives which are often made from plastic. My designs are created to be durable, comfortable and last for many years; from the way I create the patterns to the thickness of the material chosen for a specific design.

I have created designs in latex since 2012 when I wrote my BA in Fashion Design about the subject. Since then, I have made everything from creations that empower and make my clients feel special and daring, to art installations that play with concepts of life and death.

My newest project is to pass my vast knowledge about latex on to others. For this reason, I have developed and now offer courses that will go into depths about the material and how you can use it to create your own beautiful, sustainable fashion.


// Nicoline Hansen


Nicoline Hansen Fashion Designer 

Earlier Works

I have worked with latex since 2012. I love to experiment with different ways to harvest its potential. To paint with it, combine it with traditional fabrics and explore how the designs can fulfill a special need or function.
Here you see designs made for clients, artists, and some of my own expressions and ideas.

Find more information and my newest projects on Instagram: @NicolineHansenCPH