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Getting started with latex clothing

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Requirements to create the tank top
  • 1-2 meters of latex sheeting. I use 0,5 mm latex. See list of suppliers here →
  • Liquid latex milk (=glue)
  • Cotton swaps
  • Printer. To print your pattern (PDF comes with the course) or you can print at a print shop
  • A roller cutter + cutting board (alternatively scissors)
  • Gel pen (or something similar)
  • Heavy seam roller (optional)
  • Kitchen plastic film/wrap (optional)

Consider watching the course before you start shopping, to learn which latex is the best fit for you.

This is the online course I wish existed when I started creating latex garments back in 2012. Here, I guide you through all the fundamentals and share with you all the best practices for creating your own latex clothes.

The Introductory Course is a 1 hour concentrate, made from more than 10 hours of video and 150 images to provide you with to-the-point knowledge. With plenty of examples of dos and don’ts, you learn valuable skills and not least how to avoid the pitfalls of designing and creating with latex.

The video comes with a complementary pattern, consisting of the back and front of a basic unisex tank top. Together, we go through the whole process of making the tank top while I share my 10+ years of accumulated expertise as a professional latex artisan. At the end of the video, you will have created your very own latex top and gained the knowledge to start creating personal, affordable fashion in latex.

Below are the chapters and a few words on what you can expect to learn in each one.



Introduction to the course
⁕ With a few examples of my earlier work

Natural latex
⁕ Where latex comes from and about its environmental benefits
⁕ Examples of what you can do with latex

About latex sheets
⁕ Understanding how the different thicknesses look and feel. The advantages and disadvantages
⁕ What is the best latex for your specific project

About glue
⁕ Why you should use liquid latex as glue
⁕ Finding the right glue viscosity to make strong and professional seams
⁕ Best practices to work with glue and which tools are best for you


The pattern
⁕ Printing and preparing the complementary pattern

Cutting latex
⁕ Copying the pattern to your latex sheet
⁕ Useful tips for cutting with a roller cutter

Preparing before gluing
⁕ How to avoid mistakes when assembling


⁕ How to get a consistent seam
⁕ Avoiding mistakes and how to solve them when they happen
⁕ Protecting the dried seams to make it easier to assemble

⁕ The right touch and amount of pressure
⁕ How to fix any flaws that might occur when assembling your creation

Reinforcing the hems
⁕ Best industry practice
⁕ How to make extra strong seams


Final treatments
⁕ Talc or silicone oil and why
⁕ Alternatives

Care instructions
⁕ Washing your latex by hand or machine
⁕ How to store your latex to make sure your design lasts for many years

⁕ Examples of how you can style the tank top
⁕ What’s next in your latex design journey

Introduction to the course